About Aepoch Fund

Our Community

The following people have served as advisors, grants committee members, Flow Funders, staff, consultants and board members over the years:

Alli Chagi-Starr
Amanda Coslor
Benita Kline
Anna Lappé
Beverly Bell
Bryant Terry
Charlotte Saenz
Coquelicot Gilland
Coumba Toure
Courtney Matson
E. Francis Kohler
Erin Traylor
Gail Silva
Hal Leventhal
John Trudell
Julie Davidson-Gómez
Katherine Johnston
LaDonna Redmond
Lara Barth
Laura Loescher
Leroy F. Moore, Jr.
Mateo Nube
Meg Dakin
Michael Molina
Miria Toveg
Patty Berne
Pilar Gonzales
Rachel Bagby
Sasha Ronan
Selina Williams
Sobonfu Somé
Terry Miller
Todd Herman
Wil Bullock
Winona LaDuke
Zak Sinclair

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