Aepoch Coaching Fund

See the August 2011 report Aepoch Coaching Fund: Learnings and Reflections for the Field.

Coaching is a powerful leadership development tool that has mostly been available to affluent individuals and business leaders, and--more recently--mainstream non-profit organizations. The primary purpose of the Aepoch Coaching Fund is to make high-quality, low-cost coaching available to people who are doing work aligned with Aepoch's mission and interests. Aepoch covers up to 80% of the costs for one-on-one leadership coaching from selected coaches for up to 20 sessions per client. Most coaching awards range from $1,500 to $2,500. Each organization is asked to contribute to the coaching cost based on their budget size. From 2007 (when we launched the first pilot program) to 2010, the Aepoch Coaching Fund has supported 35 community leaders with one-on-one coaching awards, and 5 organizational leadership teams with team coaching awards.

The Aepoch Coaching Fund aims were to:

When the Coaching Fund was launched, we were in a period of change and deep transition in our economic, political, and social structures, accompanied by unprecedented ecological concerns. The Aepoch Coaching Fund's intention was to support organizational leaders to enter into this time of change with strength, creativity and hope. We felt that support for leaders who are seeding community solutions to global problems was needed more than ever.

Many social justice leaders have never had access to coaching and might not be aware of its benefits. Aepoch acknowledged that these leaders needed and deserved support. By coupling financial support with a pool of excellent coaches who had nonprofit experience, we were committed to providing access to this valuable resource and giving leaders an opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching, perhaps for the first time.

About the Coaches

We were very proud of the amazing diversity and experience that our coaches collectively offered. They are inspiring leaders who have a depth of experience in the nonprofit world and share a deep commitment to personal and social transformation. The coaches we partnered with are truly outstanding, and while they offer a wide range of coaching styles and areas of expertise, all were nominated to Aepoch by their peers as the best of the best.

See Aepoch's roster of coaches.

To learn more about the current state of coaching in the nonprofit sector, click here to read Action Guides written by the Coaching and Philanthropy Project.

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