The Arts Fund provides grants to creative projects and organizations that engage in achievable strategies to generate personal, social and political awareness and change. The Fund supports activities that blur the boundaries between artistic activity and social change and grants are made primarily to people and projects that have difficulties in being funded or "valued" in a traditional sense, including underrepresented individuals, and projects with little or no funding history.

Arts Fund - Current Grantees

Black Sheep Art Collective, Flagstaff, AZ
The vision of Black Sheep Art Collective is to heal and strengthen indigenous peoples through conscious art. The Collective provides mentorship, encouragement, and a space for young artists to create personal and distinctive art free from societal restrictions. Projects infuse art with regional environmental justice campaigns, sustainability work, and cultural preservation and renewal efforts. Aepoch has supported the teaching, design and coordination of large, youth-run, public art projects throughout Northern Arizona on critical issues of food security, water scarcity, environmental justice, indigenous people’s rights and sustainable living.
Sins Invalid, San Francisco, California
Sins Invalid incubates, showcases, and celebrates artists with disabilities, exploring the themes of sexuality, embodiment and the disabled body. Conceived and led by people with disabilities, it creates a space where disabled artists can develop and present cutting-edge work where normative paradigms are challenged, offering instead a vision of beauty and sexuality inclusive of all individuals and communities. Aepoch provided five years of general support for Sins Invalid, including the annual two-day performance event. Fiscal sponsor: Dancer's Group

Examples of Past Grants

Art in Action, Oakland, California
Art in Action is based in West Oakland and promotes positive alternatives to violence, empowers youth leaders and builds community through the use of music, hip-hop, dance, theater, digital storytelling and spoken word. Aepoch supported their participation in "Silence the Violence," a community collaboration to create concerts, trainings, zines and youth-led theater tours. Aepoch has also provided general support for capacity building and year-round programs including week-long youth camps, weekend workshops, facilitator training, and an Arts Activist Jam. Fiscal sponsor: YES!
Arts Rising Funding Circle
The Arts for Social Change Funding Circle models a simple and effective structure whereby donors can pool their funds for greater impact in the field of arts & social change. With Aepoch Fund support, the Funding Circle started with three committees: Social Action, to help infuse social movements with the power of the arts; Community Development, to strengthen communities by engaging grassroots creativity; and Dialogue, to use the power of the arts to bridge deep divisions. Aepoch also supported the Zing Foundation to manage the funding circle.
Ashé Cultural Arts Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ashé Side by Side Project (AshéSBS): Recrafting Our Lives and Our City Together is an effort to support New Orleans artists and culture bearers displaced by Hurricane Katrina to come back home. Aepoch Fund has supported the coordination of three AshéSBS Artists Spotlight Events for returning visual and performing artists to showcase their creative talent and gather community support for themselves and their families. These community events include on-site healing work; as well as community-based services open to all participants. Each Artists Spotlight Event will include an interactive exhibit space for SPIRIT REACH - a visual art project dedicated to healing and spiritual rejuvenation for the people of New Orleans. AshéSBS also offers Artists Support Workshops on grant writing, credit management, taxes, and housing for displaced and returning artists.
Crepe Covered Sidewalks
Crepe Covered Sidewalks is a documentary of singer/actress Renee' Wilson's return home to the devastation and desolation of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and the effects the aftermath has on her and her family. Intent on faithfully portraying the experience of the communities in New Orleans, the film captures the political, environmental and racial tensions swirling around the distressed city, and finds family and friends still living there as well as those in the Diaspora of hurricane "refugees" some of whom are now coming back. Crepe Covered Sidewalks is both a chronicle of the powerful forces that are shaping the city's altered landscape, and an intimate memoir of the changes Wilson's family has endured and the adjustments they have been forced to make. Aepoch Fund has provided general support of the production of this film. Fiscal sponsor: Public Concern Foundation.
Femina Potens, San Francisco, California
Aepoch supported the production and promotion of "Sizzle!", a series of six two-night intergenerational events in 2006 and 2007, presenting emerging and established LGBT women artists, featuring spoken word, monologues, hip hop, burlesque, drag kings, music and
First People's Fund, Rapid City, South Dakota
This grant supported the First People's Fund Cultural Capital and Community Spirit Award which honors and provides support to American Indian artists to engage in a one year self-directed community-based project that preserves tribal arts and traditions, instills a sense of pride and identity, and strengthens tribal communities.
Free Battered Women, San Francisco, California
Free Battered Women engages in community organizing, parole advocacy, public education and policy work to end the re-victimization of incarcerated survivors of domestic violence as part of the movement for racial justice and the struggle to resist all forms of intimate partner violence against women and transgender people. Aepoch supported "Our Voices Within," which uses visual art, writing and film to raise awareness about domestic violence survivors who are incarcerated in California State prisons.
Ground Productions/PLAY AGAIN, Portland, Oregon
The documentary PLAY AGAIN investigates media's impact on childhood. Exploring a culture where children spend more time in front of screens than out in nature, PLAY AGAIN encourages children to deeply explore their personal relationships with the virtual and natural worlds. It investigates what this imbalance means not only for the well being of our children but for our society and the future of our planet. With Aepoch general production support, this film will provide new perspectives on the consequences of a childhood removed from nature. Fiscal sponsor: Anthropos Arts.
Michael Otieno Molina, Decatur, Georgia
Michael Otieno Molina is a New Orleans native author, educator, performer, publisher and multi media artist. Aepoch has provided grants to support performances of Molina's book The Second Line in various U.S. cities and for the development and initiation of New Roots Atlanta writing workshops for young people and families displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina.
National Minorities with Disabilities Coalition, Plainsboro, New Jersey
Aepoch provided support for the Black Disabled Arts Festival which brings together Black disabled visual artists and performers to present, exhibit and sell their work and create opportunities for community building and the development of positive role models for disabled Black youth.
POOR Magazine, San Francisco, California
Aepoch made a grant to support the Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute, a multi-generational, multi-cultural, grassroots arts and social justice learning project that teaches youth, adults and elders how to understand, use and produce multi-media arts including on-line, radio, and print, focused on poverty, race, disability, gender, environment and social justice.
San Francisco Women Against Rape, San Francisco, California
SFWAR is a women of color led, volunteer-based organization that has provided rape crisis services to survivors of sexual assault for over 30 years. The organization provides resources, support, advocacy and education to strengthen the work of all individuals, and communities in San Francisco that are responding to, healing from, and struggling to end sexual violence. Aepoch supported "Our Bodies Give Voice," a culturally specific support group for women with disabilities that uses voice work, song and digital storytelling as a primary modality of healing.
SPLIT - Ellen Bruno, San Francisco California
SPLIT is a film and multimedia toolkit designed to help children maneuver through the emotional, social and psychological challenges of divorce. Ellen Bruno created SPLIT as a resource for kids and their families at home, as well as for teachers and counselors at schools and community programs. The film's goal is to show children that they are not alone and to encourage them to understand and talk openly about their feelings. SPLIT also offers tools for effective communication, conflict resolution and active listening. Aepoch Fund provided matching funds for director Ellen Bruno to complete the rough cut of the film.
Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex (TGI) Justice Project, Oakland, California
The Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex (TGI) Justice Project's mission is to challenge and end the human rights abuses committed against transgender, gender variant/genderqueer and intersex (TGI) people in California prisons and beyond. Aepoch supported the production of "Emancipate", a series of digital stories by and about the lives and liberation struggles of transgender and gender variant people currently and formerly imprisoned in California.
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