The Community Healing Fund partners in meaningful ways with communities that embrace healing, growth, and transformation in the face of sustained trauma. We make grants to 1) strengthen existing healing and cultural practices that address the impact of trauma on individuals and communities, 2) support the experimentation, innovation, and emergence of new practices, 3) foster new models of community organizing and movement building that embrace healing, sustainability, and systemic change, and 4) honor and sustain healers, artists, and activists who are engaged in community healing work, 5) document and disseminate new learning, innovative practices, and emerging models that address community healing and transformation.

Community Healing Fund - 2010-2011 Grantees

Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB), Sandia Park, New Mexico
Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) provides immediate disaster relief and recovery to communities that are in crisis resulting from natural disaster or human conflict. To prevent the repercussions of unresolved trauma, AWB offers volunteer acupuncturists providing treatment to interrupt cycles of pain and to relieve suffering. AWB is committed to creating alliances with local community based organizations and treating all who have been affected - survivors, first responders, emergency personnel and other care providers. Aepoch Fund has provided three years of general support towards AWB’s community-style acupuncture to provide caring, compassionate treatment in a group setting.
Be Present, Inc., Decatur, Georgia
Be Present is committed to women and girls of all races and backgrounds who want to create positive change in their own lives and in their communities. Since 1989, more than 3,500 women and girls have participated in Be Present workshops, retreats, trainings, peer facilitated support groups, and community collaborations. The Be Present model of transformation provides individual empowerment and collective leadership skills primarily to African-American women and girls, as well as to women, men and boys from all walks of life. Aepoch pooled funds from several donors and provided Be Present with three years of general support for administration and programs.
Creative Interventions (CI), Oakland, Calfornia
Valuing social justice and liberation, Creative Interventions is an organization that re/envisions solutions to family, intimate partner, and other forms of interpersonal violence. With a mission to reveal the wisdom of how oppressed communities already resolve violence on their own, CI works towards collective, creative, and flexible community-based solutions and interventions to stop violence. Aepoch Fund provided two years of general support to: 1) expand the reach of CI’s story-telling documentation and organizing project, 2) develop alternative community interventions training tools, and 3) provide individual coaching support to survivors to end violence and promote healing in their lives.
Fuego, Inc. Portland, Oregon
Fuego provides non-traditional healing and wellness services to homeless youth and empowers participants to transform their life challenges into a force for positive social change. Fuego utilizes a range of ancient, indigenous healing modalities to address trauma and improve the overall health of at-risk clients, such as talking circles, nature retreats, Native American healing ceremonies, sound healing, and creative art therapy. Fuego also works to empower youth and pass on these wisdom traditions by providing training and mentorship in these methods. Aepoch Fund provided three years of general support grants.
GenerationFIVE, San Francisco, California
GenerationFIVE (Gen5) works to end the sexual abuse of children within five generations through community organizing, leadership development, and collective healing practices. Aepoch Fund supported the Transformative Justice Project to develop interventions to prevent child sexual abuse, as well as supporting the launch of a year-long “Somatics, Trauma, and Transformative Justice Training” that developed the capacity of its community leadership teams in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area to facilitate trauma work from a body-based approach. Gen5 also convened a three-part Healing Summit Series with community-based healers from across the country to develop and document practices, models, and methods for collective healing and transformation in a social justice context. Together, these projects strengthen the leadership capacity, resiliency, and transformation of marginalized communities and build networks for community support. Aepoch Fund provided three years of general support to Gen5.
Generative Somatics, San Francisco, California
Generative Somatics addresses trauma experienced by individuals, communities, and society as a whole using an integrative approach that combines somatic awareness, somatic bodywork and somatic practices to create lasting change. Its Somatics and Social Justice Collaborative is developing a change model that integrates personal and social transformation in a way that is relevant to community organizing and movement building. Its Somatics and Trauma training introduces participants to a healing modality that addresses individual and social trauma through somatic awareness and embodiment processes, somatic skills building and specialized somatic bodywork. Aepoch provided three years of general support funding to Generative Somatics.
HOMEY-Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth, San Francisco, California
HOMEY transforms the lives of “at-risk” youth and grassroots community members in the Mission District of San Francisco through political education, community organizing, indigenous cultural/spiritual empowerment, leadership development and other forms of self-sufficiency. With three years of funding, Aepoch Fund supported the development of “Healthy Homey”-- a holistic component of HOMEY programs that focuses on spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health needs on an individual and communal level. Healthy Homey activities include: group healing circles, indigenous ceremonies, communal cultural gatherings, and artistic and physical expression.
Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective, Atlanta, Georgia
Kindred is building a political framework and a network of social justice-oriented healing practitioners who can respond to collective trauma in southern based movements in the US. Kindred works to model methods and share healing practices that can sustain emotional, physical and spiritual well-being for community organizers and movements within a “healing justice” framework. In 2007, Aepoch Fund supported Kindred’s formation with the National Storytelling Project: Deepening the Dialogue of Healing & Spiritual Practice. Subsequent grants have provided Kindred with general support for their organizational development work.
La Plazita Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico
La Plazita Institute offers culturally relevant services to at-risk Native American youth throughout New Mexico. Specifically, La Plazita supports incarcerated and recently released youth through its Native American Prisoners Project; young veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan through its Wounds of War Program; and gang-involved youth through its Thugs Making a Change and Sisters Making a Change programs. These programs reconnect young people to their Native heritage and provide spiritual and cultural healing through sweat lodges, weekly talking circles, involvement in community projects, and transformation of trauma through art, dance, and spoken word. Aepoch Fund provided three years of general support to La Plazita in addition to a grant designated for strategic planning.
Mind Body Awareness Project (MBA Project, Inc.), San Francisco, California
The Mind Body Awareness Project is dedicated to the health and well-being of at-risk and incarcerated youth. Believing that self-awareness is the direct route to empowering youth to transform their lives, the MBA Project provides instruction in awareness-based techniques, including meditation and yoga, to facilitate mental health, stress reduction, anger management, and self-discovery. Aepoch Fund provided three years of support for MBA’s mindfulness-based rehabilitation classes for incarcerated youth conducted on-site at Bay Area Juvenile Halls and Detention Centers.
OneLife Institute for Spirituality & Social Transformation, Oakland, California
OneLife seeks to empower community members, activists, and groups in their commitment to personal and social transformation through classes, retreats, events, publications, counseling, and consultation services. Three years of Aepoch Fund grants supported OneLife’s overall development, including two programs that integrate spirituality and social action. "Spirit, Sound & Silence" is a quarterly retreat that brings together people of diverse communities and faith traditions for a day of spiritual replenishment and inspiration, such as healing meditation, guided visioning, soothing live music, and deep silence. “Transformative Visions” is a biannual multi-media art show, jazz, and spoken word concert intended to respond to critical concerns and offer an inspiring vision of peace and justice.
Seasons Fund for Social Transformation, Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Seasons Fund for Social Transformation springs from a belief that cultivating a rich inner life is both a worthy end in itself and an overlooked pathway to heightening the impact, effectiveness, and sustainability of social change initiatives. The Seasons Fund supports training opportunities for agents of social change to foster personal transformation, build leadership skills, promote organizational development, forge effective coalitions, and cultivate new ways of envisioning our society. With the 2010 round of grantmaking, Seasons Fund granted awards to high-impact coalitions, networks and collaborative efforts that are committed to transformational social change practices and methodologies. Aepoch Fund provided support to the Seasons Fund granting pool. Fiscal sponsor: Jewish Funds for Justice.
Service Women Action Network (SWAN), Oakland, California
The Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) is a network of military veteran women and civilian allies that supports, defends, and empowers today's servicewomen and women veterans of all eras. SWAN's vision is to transform military culture so that service women and veterans are free of harassment, discrimination, intimidation or assault. SWAN also seeks to reform veterans' services to guarantee equal access to quality health care, benefits and resources for women veterans and their families. SWAN educates and informs policy makers, the media and the public, and engages military leadership and veterans providers on a wide variety of issues including military sexual trauma. The network also develops healing community programs, offers personal support from fellow women veterans and provides pro bono legal referrals from military law experts. Aepoch Fund provided SWAN with three general support grants.
ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation, Los Angeles, California
ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation is an organization rooted in indigenous wisdom and practices that is devoted to the mentoring of young people and the creation of communities to support them. Since 1995, ShadeTree has developed mentorship models that have resulted in long-term positive impact on the lives of hundreds of youth who are struggling in Los Angeles and other U.S. cities, as well as abroad. Grounded in a commitment to economics of peace, ShadeTree is launching a community economy project that will explore creating local currency models, sharing community resources, and learning new social forms of relating to money. Aepoch Fund provided three years of support for ShadeTree’s youth mentorship program, gang intervention work, and the creation of job training and economic development opportunities for those who are returning from prison.
Spirit In Action, Belchertown, Massachusetts
Founded in 2000, Spirit in Action (SIA) supports and connects social justice activists from around the country to create deep and lasting social change. SIA accomplishes this goal by helping activists to heal community divisions, build a collective vision, connect to spirit, and take effective action. Building off of its past success in supporting the formation of the Progressive Communicators Network, a powerful grassroots media coalition that serves as a model for deep collaboration, SIA has consolidated its learnings and developed a creative model of network building that addresses community healing and transformation. Aepoch has provided four years of funding to Spirit in Action for general support and the Building Powerful Networks program.
United Roots, Oakland, California
United Roots is dedicated to the transformation of Bay Area communities by providing an ecologically sustainable venue for innovative youth empowerment programs. United Roots combines creative cultural expression and community healing programs, such as Art in Action, with green job readiness training and is a focal point for personal, collective and intergenerational healing fueled by the power of the arts and new media. United Roots houses a green technology media arts production lab and a performance space for artist showcases and community gatherings. Activities include leadership development, new media production, arts training, music production, community organizing, and green job training for Oakland youth between the ages of 13 to 24. Aepoch Fund provided start-up support for United Root’s programs and staffing, as well as ongoing support for organizational development.

Examples of Past Grants

Asian Women's Shelter, San Francisco, California
For 20 years, the Asian Women’s Shelter (AWS) has worked to eliminate domestic violence by promoting the social, economic and political self-determination of women. AWS integrates culturally competent and language-accessible shelter services, educational programs, and community advocacy, as well as weekly support groups, arts curriculum, and many other services. This Aepoch Fund grant supports the AWS Sustainability Initiative. This Initiative aims to infuse art, healing, and cultural practices throughout AWS programs, as well as creating a more sustainable workplace, which includes support for personal sustainability and healing among AWS residents, volunteers, on-call language advocates, and staff. In addition, AWS will use this grant to build a more sustainable, diverse, and powerful anti-violence movement by hosting a gathering on the topics of resiliency theory, vicarious trauma, and movement building.
Centro Cultural de la Raza, Taos, New Mexico
Centro Cultural de la Raza works to end youth violence and build stronger youth leadership in urban communities. This Aepoch Fund grant supports the Compassionate Action Retreats for People of Color Youth Activists. These contemplative retreats serve to build community, to reconnect youth activists with spiritual and cultural anchors, and to grow hope and healing so that justice work may be truly sustainable. Retreat activities include meditation, drumming, traditional Aztec dance, talking circles, group dialogue, and traditional healing circles.
Community United Against Violence (CUAV), San Francisco, California
CUAV’s survivor-centered, volunteer-driven programs work to build the capacity of communities and institutions to effectively respond to, heal from, and transform multiple forms of violence that LGBTQQ people face. Aepoch Fund supports CUAV’s emergent Healing Oppression Project (HOP), which offers sustainable anti-racist education that supports both white people and people of color to become effective, empowered leaders in healing racism in the LGBTQQ community. HOP’s project model is based somatic healing and principles of liberation that address the entirety of a person and community, as well as the conditions they live in, towards integrated and holistic transformation.
Global Passageways (GP), Boulder, Colorado
Global Passageways is a collaborative project dedicated to bringing together youth and elders from around the world to share and revitalize rites of passage work from diverse communities. GP’s mission is to support youth to come-of-age in positive ways that develops their leadership for global transformation and provides them with relevant and supportive mentoring that honors traditional and contemporary paths of healing and transformation. Aepoch Fund’s grant supported GP’s international leadership gathering for rites of passage practitioners to explore the role of contemporary rites of passage and initiation in the 21st century.
Hamaatsa, Albuquerque, New Mexico
HAMAATSA’s mission is to provide models for living simply and sustainably on the land; to integrate healing systems from traditional cultures; and to restore indigenous life-ways and principles through experiential land-based learning. Aepoch Fund supported a historical land purchase to create an indigenous continuum learning center committed to sustainable living, spiritual wholeness and cultural restoration.
Social Justice Leadership (SJL), New York, New York
Social Justice Leadership strives to transform the culture and approach of community organizing and the broader social justice movement. SJL’s model of Transformative Organizing integrates healing, somatic practice, and inner change with efforts to build more holistic and effective organizations capable of transforming communities. Aepoch Fund supports the implementation of an intensive multi-organization, movement-building training program called the Transformative Organizing Initiative (TOI) in New York City, Miami, and New Orleans. Working intensively with 110 staff from 25 organizations, SJL facilitates organizations to maintain strong, healthy, and sustainable internal cultures that reflect their social change values.
stone circles, Mebane, North Carolina
stone circles sustains activists from around the country and strengthens the work of social justice through spiritual practice and principles. In 2007, stone circles created the Stone House as a refuge for social change practitioners to inspire more sustainable action and committed spiritual reflection. Aepoch Fund has supported the launch of SOUL Sanctuary, a four-day monthly retreat program offered at no charge to activists and housed at the Stone House. Community leaders and organizers will be invited to replenish their energy through daily meditation and yoga practice, work in the community garden, creative art activities, and one-on-one healing work—while reconnecting with the source of their commitment to the struggle for justice.
Twenty-First Century Foundation (21CF) New York, New York
As one of the few, endowed, Black foundations in the United States, 21CF works to advance the welfare of the Black community through strategic and collective grant making; special initiatives and research; donor education and donor services. 21CF’s Gulf Coast Organizing, Advocacy and Leadership (GOAL) Initiative was created in 2005 to address the post-Katrina devastation along the Gulf Coast by offering general support grants to Black-led, local and regional community organizations engaged in community organizing, advocacy and leadership development with a focus on issues of education, health and reproductive justice, community-based economic development, and housing. In 2007 and 2010, Aepoch Fund provided 21CF with general support grants for the GOAL Initiative.
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